SESAM Seminar: Digital connectivity in Manufacturing – TSN, MQTT, OPC UA & ODVA

SESAM Seminar

Date: March 2018

Time: 9.00 – 16.30 

Place: Siemens, Borupvang 9, 2750 Ballerup



This seminar will focus on the opportunities that TSN technologies offer in relation to the connectivity of Factory Floor application – automation world.
The presentations will try to illustrate what TSN gives of possibilities for interconnection of automation equopment. MQTT supports security, for example by encryption across the network can be handled with SSL. Be aware that SSL is not the lightest of protocols, and does add significant network overhead.
Attend the seminar and hear about TSN, MQTT and OPC UA and the influence on factory floor automation environment. Get a picture of the future opportunities that TSN, MQTT and OPC UA will give in conjunction with automation connectivity.